My Progress…

…it is time to move forward in beautiful ways just soulfully as never before…”


January the fifth marked two years since my husband passed away.

I cannot say everything I’d like to in this one blog but I can say I am thankful to have walked life with this man who continues to teach me how to carry on. It’s the memories of our life together. It’s remembering him. That’s how he continues to teach me, through so much I cherish about him. I want to move forward much faster than I am, yet I do not want to miss out on these rich and precious days I know will never come again.  The grief seems to heal of its own accord.  Of course it really doesn’t. A bittersweet sadness is in that because the pain holds a sweetness. The pain loosens its hold over the sweetness day by day and gradually I experience the joys of our life together, and the gifts left behind. I miss my husband.



. Exhibition



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