Affirmation # 30

if just onceThe journey of a thousand miles not only begins with a single step but is a single step, one at a time.

The single step we are now taking is the journey.

It occurs to me what great inner power really is. It is doing what you need to do to not only survive, but thrive.

It could be moving at the speed of light when moving at that pace seems to be the last thing we think we should be doing.

It could be moving at the pace of Turtle whilst the outer world demands so much. But the pace of Turtle can also be very rapid. Generally, the pace of Turtle is intermittent, sometimes fast and sometimes very slow. The lesson of Turtle is to never ever give up, no matter the pace.

The pace must and does change throughout the course of a life’s journey.

Following a life-altering, immensely trying catastrophic occurrence in life, maintaining inner stamina and power is the challenge. At first, getting up out of bed can be a tremendous act of courage. To sustain inner strength which would be the joys of living tries the soul at a time when the soul just wants to rest. And so it seems it could be we are then ignoring the soul’s needs. But there is a deeper river flowing under that bridge from here to there, and that would be the mind’s needs.

Too much is out there telling us to ignore the mind, that too much mind creates chaos. The greatest poets and writers of the world go there to the mind and do not hide from it. They feel that intensity of will and the pull of drama and the past reaching to us from the analogs of yesterday’s remorse. Perhaps the past is actually telling us something far more important than to just go on. Maybe it’s telling us to just keep moving. Movement revives, any movement: walking, dancing, even having coffee outside is movement. Writing is movement, taking a hot bath, any expenditure of energy where something of value to the mind and spirit is accomplished.

I know a writer who had become a widow years ago. She soon after her loss created projects that didn’t do so well. She essentially vanished for years without explanation to her social networking.  She re-emerged with three beautifully completed works, she herself gorgeous and never looking better.  The works that didn’t do well actually became part of an amazing story.

Win or lose, pass or fail, we have to try. Loss is Nature’s regeneration.

I have found that the past goes back to the past of its own accord once I realize what my mind is trying to tell me. Ancient texts insist that the mind is where the soul sits. Our minds are not our enemy. What I have learned through the soul-uttering loss of my husband is that when my heart is broken, my mind has a way of rising up to build yet another bridge and path through the day.

Maybe I don’t pen incredible words of forethought and wisdom that day, but numerous times in these past twenty-two months I have been able to effect powerful and positive change for others just by being me. So then, I have more to write about. I have something to share.

It all comes in pieces like a puzzle and we must let it. Forcing it is madness. So many, many people have shared with me the feelings of “losing their minds” following tragic loss. I realize that no, in fact we regain our ability to think in our new ways, step by step. Thoughts create feelings. Our minds need exercise. We need to take in new experiences and new information to create new refreshing thoughts. Read. Take classes. Journal. Cook. Sew. Garden. Walk the dog. Watch all kinds of movies. For me, keeping social networking to simple and important postings has helped.

My mom once told me of a dream she had about me where I was getting through a huge mountain with a spoon. I realize what that means. I can get through all this by the spoonful through blogging perhaps or short anecdotes on Facebook that I offer to brighten the days of others, and mine.

And then, when I write in a book it is more effective.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a beautiful day.


If just once

I believe

in the impossible

If just once

I hope

for what I cannot see

Then I shall never

have to wonder

What my purpose

on this Earth

Might be.

Susan G. Cline


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