Affirmation # 29

I am proud of myself and appreciate all of my accomplishments.

It may seem odd that I would mention grief with this, but it is the reason I wrote all of these affirmations to begin with. I wrote this and all 365 of these affirmations as I prayed for my own healing; statements of my determination to heal and live life to its fullest.

There is a harshly antagonistic side of grief that is very cruel. We have to combat this when dealing with any kind of loss. No matter what we do it is not enough. Not matter how hard we work it is not enough. We felt we should have done more then, so we better make up for it.

Just when we need comfort and relaxation, that harsh feeling arises to alternately keep us working so hard yet keeping us down; quiet, nice, good, easy to get along with, sweet, just down on hands and knees toiling in an effort to prove – what? Under these conditions we do not acknowledge or even notice our accomplishments each and every day. It becomes a cycle and we find ourselves drawing those in who likewise do not appreciate our accomplishments. All of that can be stopped. Now is the time.

Say to that mountain of self-doubt –


Not only can I do this, I am doing it.

We find ourselves then attracting to us those who also appreciate who we are.

This is life. As Rocky said to his son, “it will knock you down and keep you there if you let it.”

It is just Nature being Nature. Life is not out to get us. Life is designed to fill us with –  life and to make us strong. Friction shines gems and moves rivers that create landscapes, and creates stars. We are a part of Nature and Nature’s Sacred Laws. Even in humanity’s destruction of Nature, Nature’s nature remains unchanged and will get the last word on that. When we can see it from that viewpoint, the victimization goes away in a singe and simple poof of air. Yes, poof, not puff. Air is like that; unseen but so very much there. What we feel yet do not see is so very important and even life-affirming. For a bird it is thriving and surviving. Matter follows spirit so in time we will see what the unseen has been trying to show us. It is a beautiful momentum, Faith. Faith is that poof! unseen but felt, that moment of seemingly sudden renewal which is Life itself.

Letting go of something over and over is the norm. It is fastidious to expect that we can just let go of pain and hurt once and that’s it, done. It can happen that way, but usually following a lot of effort. Of course there are beautifully magic moments when it does indeed happen that the light comes on and on one wind thermal we are flying. Yes it happens. Why not?


Photo by David Barnett

Our words are very powerful, able to effect healing. Even written, words are a part of that unseen Faith that moves obstacles out of the way, or that moves us past the obstacles, or straight through them. Yes we are that amazing.

And our words are our wings.

What has silenced you,

Precious One?

Stifling noise

From faces of stone?

Soar high,

Far up with me –

Upon the sky

Above the sea…

to  your voice.

Susan G. Cline


Thank you for reading my blog!


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